The most frequent Latin American and Caribbean routes in March by a single carrier

Next month, there are 191,891 interregional flights scheduled in the Latin America and Caribbean region, according to data provided by Cirium. The 79 airlines operating these flights will have 26.2 million seats available. If you had to guess which route has the most flights by a single airline in the region, you’d probably say Mexico-Cancun, São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro, or Bogotá-Medellín, and those would be fair guesses, but all wrong. .

A surprising operator

While LATAM Airlines Group and Azul Linhas Aereas have the most flights in the Latin America and Caribbean region, they do not operate the most flights on a single route.

Instead, it is a small, relatively unknown airline that operates the most flights in a month on a route through the region. We are talking about Maya Island Air from Belize. According to Cirium’s database, Maya Island Air offers 739 scheduled flights between Belize City (BZE) and Placencia (PLJ). Maya Island Air also has the second-busiest single-operator route, connecting Belize City and San Pedro with more than 647 scheduled flights next month.

Maya Island Air is a small regional carrier with a fleet of 13 planes, according to its website. It has eight Cessna 208 Caravans, a Cessna 182 Skylane, three Britten Norman Islanders and a Gippsland Airvan. The carrier operates more than 100 daily flights to 11 domestic destinations, as well as regional charters to Guatemala and Honduras.


Maya Island Air mainly operates domestic flights in Belize. Photo: Maya Island Air.

Avianca, Windward and other operators

Going through Cirium’s list, Avianca appears in third place with the most flights on a single route. The Colombian carrier will offer 593 services between Bogotá and Medellín next month, offering more than 100,000 seats. In terms of seats, this is actually the route (by a single operator) with the greatest capacity, followed by Bogotá-Cali by Avianca and Mexico-Cancún by Volaris.

Going back to the first list, Windward Island Airways, better known as Winair, offers 580 scheduled flights between St. Marten and St. Barthélemy.

LATAM’s busiest route is Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo, with 440 scheduled flights; Aeromexico is Mexico-Monterrey with 437 scheduled flights, and Volaris is Mexico-Cancun with 405.


The main route from Latin America is Bogota-Medellín. The main operator of this route is Avianca. Photo: Getty Images.

The recovery of the region

As previously reported, there will be 191,891 scheduled flights in March 2021, with 26.1 million seats available.

Yet those figures are 19.8% and 12.1% lower than pre-pandemic traffic levels when there were 239,172 flights and 29.7 million seats available. The region also lost several airlines, namely Mexico’s Interjet and Brazil’s Avianca Brazil, the two largest, as each had more than 7,000 scheduled flights as of March 2019.

LATAM is the largest airline in the region, having scheduled more than 33,000 flights (still 9.8% less than in 2019). Brazilian carrier Azul Linhas Aereas has 24,847 scheduled flights next month, surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 10.2%. These two are Latin America’s largest one-mile carriers.

In third place, with 15,439 flights, is the Brazilian GOL Linhas Aereas, followed by Avianca, Volaris and Aeromexico with 12,778, 12,495 and 11,940 flights respectively.

Finally, although Maya Island Air’s route between Belize City and Placencia has the most scheduled services operated by a single carrier, it is not the busiest route in the region. That’s Bogotá-Medellín, with 1,198 flights scheduled next month and more than 205,000 seats available.

Are you surprised that Maya Island Air operates the most flights on a single route in the region? Let us know in the comments below.
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