The lyrics of Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti” nod to Latin America

Photo: John Parra/WireImage

Bad Bunny LOVES Latin America and Latin America loves it right away. As the Puerto Rican rapper is expected to shout out his PR homeland on his latest album A Verano Sin Ti, it’s always a treat to hear Bunny, (real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio), named after other Latin American countries. Fans took to social media to share their favorite lines from his new songs, thrilled to hear their countries being included in the Bad Bunny universe. “When Bad Bunny finally recognizes us Salvis in his song ‘Un Coco’,” one Salvadoran fan wrote along with a meme of Bunny waiting for pupusas on Tik Tok. “We Domis are going to go crazy at the Yankee when Bad Bunny plays Despues de la playa and Titi Me Pregunto,” tweeted a Dominican fan of the new album. No matter what part of the world they’re listening to, Bad Bunny fans are getting ready to dance in their shark costumes and rakes. Below is a list of countries in Latin America that Bad Bunny raps on his latest album. A Verano Sin Ti.

Bunny shouts several countries like Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic in “Titi Me Pregunto”.

Y mi primer amor se llamaba Thalía

Tengo una colombiana que mе escribe to’ los día’

Y una mexicana quе ni yo sabía

My first love’s name was Thalia

I have a Colombian who writes to me every day

And a Mexican I didn’t even know

He refers to “Uva Bombom” by Rochy RD when talking about a woman from the Dominican Republic.

Una dominicana que es uva bombón

A Dominican who is a new hottie

Bunny works on his jealousy in “Celoso” but not without mentioning his Caribbean vacation.

Cogimo’ vacacione’ y no fuimo’ de turismo

By el Caribe probando nuevas táctica

We took a vacation and didn’t do any sightseeing

Across the Caribbean, trying new tactics

Salvis rejoiced and made room in their homes when Bad Bunny announced he would be moving to El Salvador in “Un Coco”. The “Yonuguni” rapper also discussed moving to Argentina and Chile in the new track.

Que si no te olvido me vo’a mudar pa’ Chile

Pa’ Argentina or pa’ El Salvador

If I don’t forget you, I’ll go to Chile

In Argentina or El Salvador

Quisqueya, which means “mother of all lands” in the Taino language, is the original name of the eastern part of the island which is now part of the Dominican Republic. Bunny, who is obviously a fan of the beach, dedicates this part of the song to nights in the Dominican Republic.

La noche está buena

That Rico happened in Quisqueya, eh, eh

the night is good

How delicious it is in Quisqueya

Bunny uses popular Colombian slang “because”, another word for friend, dude, etc.

Parece colombiana, the dicen “the because”

She look Colombian, they call her “Dude”

“El Apagón” is filled with references to Benito’s Puerto Rico. He concludes the track with PR pride, proud of where he comes from.

Esta es mi playa, esta es mi sol

Esta es mi tierra, esta soy yo

This is my beach, this is my sun

This is my land, this is me