Covid cases ‘continue to rise’ in Latin America

A report from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) indicates that Latin America saw a strong growth in Covid infections during the month of May, with confirmed cases jumping by more than 27% in the middle of the month – totaling more than 918,000 cases.

Once again, PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne called on local governments “to increase surveillance, public health measures, and vaccination,” especially since only 14 of the 51 countries in the Americas passed the 70% mark of people vaccinated.

PAHO adds that “countries must also maintain their investments in intensive care and hospital capacity so that services can be rapidly expanded to cope with a potential increase in new infections.”

“We have sufficient doses to cover those most at risk, and we have an obligation to do so,” said Ms Etienne.

The Covid surge has been particularly high in Argentina, where cases have almost doubled in recent weeks. In Chile, the government has raised Covid alert levels in the capital Santiago and other key districts – officials believe the next peak of infection will come in July. Chile’s health ministry added that the government will make a decision on whether to administer a third booster shot to the elderly by June.