Argentina wants to become the number one destination for digital nomads in Latin America

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Buenos Aires plans to welcome 22,000 teleworkers by 2023

Argentina is a big country with a rich culture, beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine. With the development of its technology and infrastructure, it becomes the ideal access point for digital nomads. At least that’s what the Argentine government thinks.

Argentina skyline Buenos Aires Puerto Madero at night

In a recent press release, Argentina’s National Institute for the Promotion of Tourism (known by its Spanish initials Inprotur), highlighted the country’s affordability, diversity, human capital and vibrant culture as key draws for young American professionals.

Buenos Aires, the capital, was ranked in 2021 as the best city in Latin America for digital nomads according to a report shared by Nestpick. The study considered aspects relevant to remote workers such as digital connectivity, legal stay, cost of living, security, weather and culture, and leisure.

While the data suggesting that Buenos Aires is a great nomadic hotspot is all fairly accurate, the timing of the study was quite odd, as throughout 2020 and most of 2021 tourists were not allowed to enter Argentina. Now that the nation recently removed all entry requirements, digital nomads can enter without travel restrictions, regardless of things like vaccination status. Having zero entry requirements and full reopening for all travelers will be the best first step Argentina can take to promote itself as a digital nomad-friendly country.

Inprotur also proudly showcased successful Argentinian startups such as, Globant, Mercado Libre headquartered in Buenos Aires, and strong alliances with other international technology companies. Google’s Latin American headquarters is hosted in Buenos Aires.

As Inprotur reported, Buenos Aires plans to attract 22,000 digital nomads by 2023, and more remote workers in other cities like Córdoba and Mendoza. The devaluation of the peso can significantly reduce the cost of living for those earning in hard currencies such as the US dollar or Euro and might find a very attractive lifestyle in this destination.

A digital nomad visa coming soon

Professionals sitting at the desk in the office

At present, foreigners can stay in Argentina for up to 90 days, and can request an extension to stay longer. Last year, in June, the city government of Buenos Aires announced an alliance with Airbnb and 40 other local hotels to work on a special digital nomad accommodation project.

The Digital Nomads BA program was created as a result of the alliance to provide key information for professional travelers, a welcome kit, and showcase academic and professional opportunities, news and local guides.

View of the Obelisk from 9 de Julio Avenue at sunset, Buenos Aires

Authorities in Buenos Aires have also confirmed that they are working with the government to create a special visa for digital nomads to allow legal stay for one year. They had to compete with The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa which is also coming soon and will allow a stay of 2 years.

Fernando Straface, Secretary General and Foreign Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires said just now: “Cities emerging from the pandemic have strategies to reactivate the tourism economy. In the region, Buenos Aires is an attractive capital for digital nomads due to the quality of life it offers, its cultural offer and its diversity, but also for its entrepreneurial ecosystem and its human capital. These are attributes that nomads take into account when choosing a destination where they can settle temporarily.

The Camanito main square in the La Boca district of Buenos Aires features brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets that are a popular tourist destination

It is still unclear when the visa will be ready. According to information shared by the EFE news agency, Hernán Vanoli, director of Inprotour, said two months ago: “The truth is that we are very excited, we like to receive more and more workers and nomads from different parts of the world”.

Vanoli also revealed: “We try to be as flexible as possible with the requirements because we know we have to try to lower the barriers. And we are putting together the benefits package which will include internet connection, and probably discounts on accommodation and domestic flights.

The best destinations for digital nomads in Argentina

Buenos Aires is the first cultural destination. Travelers will find fascinating bookstores, great theaters including the famous Teatro Colon, and plenty of day and night cultural attractions and activities, like dancing the tango. Telecommuters will appreciate the fact that there is a strong local culture of co-working in place.

The hiker stands on top of the mountain

Besides the capital, Inprotur also presented Mendoza and Cordoba for teleworkers who prefer nature. In Córdoba, Argentina’s second largest city, digital nomads will find beautiful colonial architecture, cultural activities, and interesting nearby villages. In Mendoza, right next to the Andes, adventure seekers can enjoy spectacular lakes, hike and sample a wide variety of local wines.

The vineyards of Lujan de Cuyo in the wine region of Mendoza, Argentina

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