Amazon announces digital transformation in Latin America with Peru

Amazon web service. (photo: Business Insider Spain)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)founded by the tech giant Amazon, chose Peru as the headquarters in Latin America for a new cloud infrastructure known as AWS Local Zones.

“In Peru, we have strengthened digital governance and this is reflected in international indicators. Thanks to these advances, one of the largest technology companies in the world, such as Amazon Web Services, has opted for our country to become a center of digital development,” he said. Marushka chocolate barPCM Secretary of Government and Digital Transformation.

How Amazon Web Services will work in Peru

AWS Local Zones in Peru, located in Lima, are a type of infrastructure deployment that places computing, storage, database, and other AWS services in the cloud, near major population centers, industry and information technology. Information Technology (IT), enabling customers to deploy applications that require sub-10 millisecond latency closer to end users or on-premises data centers.

AWS will place compute, storage, database, and other services in cloud close to residential, industrial and business centers Technology key information. This will allow access to applications such as:

– Real-time remote games

– Entertainment and media creation

– Live video streaming

– Engineering Simulation

– Virtual and augmented reality

– Machine learning inference at the edge, and more.

Virtual and augmented reality from Amazon Web Services.  (picture: experience)
Virtual and augmented reality from Amazon Web Services. (picture: experience)

According to AWS, “The vast majority of customers get the latency to support the performance of their applications by running them in AWS Regions. However, for applications that require ultra-low latency, customers need AWS infrastructure closer to their end users or on-premises data centers to support a seamless experience.

The new AWS Local Zone in Peru will join 16 existing AWS Local Zones in the United States and 32 additional AWS Local Zones scheduled to launch in 26 countries around the world from 2022, delivering millisecond latency performance to hundreds of millions of people. the world.

“We know that delivering ultra-low latency applications for a seamless user experience is important across all businesses and industries, so we’re excited to bring the cloud to more customers in Peru to meet their needs. AWS Local Zones will enable more public and private organizations, innovative startups, and AWS Partners to deliver a new generation of cutting-edge, low-latency applications to end users, leveraging cost savings, scalability and high availability that AWS provides.” , said Marcos Grilanda, regional director of private sector in Latin America at AWS.

This level of investment in digital infrastructure and platforms in Peru will open up great opportunities for the country’s digital ecosystem, in addition to reactivating the economy, employability, digital entrepreneurship and national digital transformation, according to the PCM.

“In this way, Amazon joins another global transnational that has also chosen to invest in local cloud infrastructure in Peru, such as Huawei. This will accelerate the reduction of digital gaps and the use of Industry 4.0 technologies at the national level, in accordance with axis 8 of the general government policy. This, in turn, will generate the challenge of building digital talent in all parts of the country,” Chocobar concluded.

Ultimately, AWS clarified that over the next two years, new Local Zones will be launched in: Amsterdam, Athens, Auckland, Bangkok, Bangalore, Berlin, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Chennai, Copenhagen, Delhi, Hanoi, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Calcutta, Lima, Lisbon, Manila, Munich, Nairobi, Oslo, Perth, Prague , Querétaro, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna and Warsaw.

Amazon Web Services in New York, United States.  (photo: SourceFuse)
Amazon Web Services in New York, United States. (photo: SourceFuse)

In July 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced the opening of its first office in Lima, Peru.

The local AWS office is focused on supporting Peruvian organizations in their transition to cloud/digital transformation, including startups, small and medium businesses, enterprises, educational groups, nonprofits, and government organizations .


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