A taste of Latin America at Mi Cafesito in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – A new cafe inside Manchester Center is serving coffee with beans from Latin American countries.

For many, it’s a taste of home.

“Bringing a cup of coffee from Guatemala, El Salvador is like, ‘Oh, I remember drinking this coffee with my grandmother.'”

Co-owner Evelyn Gutierrez says the dream of opening this family business has been in the making for five years.

“We wanted to portray something that represented us,” she said.

But when she asked why they never discussed coffee from Central or South America, it left her with a bitter taste.

“They said well, these are not good coffee beans. There are no good coffee beans in Latin America and I said, ‘I’m going to prove you wrong. I’m going to fetch and I’m going to bring the best coffee beans I can from Latin America and here we are.”

Barista Hassan Macedo has perfected the art of enhancing the taste of coffee, something you’ll find when ordering from their latte menu.

“It takes a lot of trial and error to decide which coffee tastes best with each type of syrup,” he says.

Sure, a little taste of Latin America keeps people coming back, but what gets them through the door might have something to do with their signature names. You will love their Valentine’s menu.

“We like to have fun when it comes to naming our drinks,” Hassan said.

Sweetheart Sunrise and Love Potion are plant-based energy drinks.

Whether customers visit for a taste of nostalgia or for an extra boost in their step, one thing at Mi Cafesito is constant.

“We want them to feel at home here,” Hassan said.

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