Secured loans are a suggestion

Loans loans secured with flats – a proposal for users with a bailiff

Hello, I’m interested in a home loan. We are here to help you when others do not want – with us you can receive financial support in the appropriate amount, except for waiting.

General construction plot, agricultural plot for which building conditions are set, as well as an agricultural plot of more than 2 ha may be used as collateral for loans intended for any plan.

We provide private loans secured by real estate

In the amount of over 50,000 PLN and by cars for up to 50,000 PLN. We are not a company dealing with the so-called Since 2012, we have been implementing personal mortgage loans with an entry in the fourth quarter. The loans are characterized by the fact that they are without check-out and without transfer of ownership.

Types of insurance accepted when applying for a non-bank real estate loan. The loan under the property lien has allowed me to repay the entire loan and the bailiff once, now I have a smaller installment that I can pay every month.

We grant loans against real estate

We grant loans against real estate

To obtain a loan offer against the property in Łódź, please prepare. We grant loans against real estate, which means that we DO NOT make a decision to receive financing based on the history of any of your credit bases.

We operate throughout Poland and finance all sectors of the economy, regardless of the length of service, regardless of the CREDIT INFORMATION Bureau, history and creditworthiness, as well as other bank-specific criteria.

The application must specify your needs

And a realistic repayment plan and information about the property that will be the collateral for the loan. Real estate loans granted by our company are signed on the basis of a contract, which is read and accepted by a notary public.

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